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Helen Keller Biography - American …

Hellen keller essay

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Bill Maher's Dangerous Critique of Islam. There#39;s a constructive way for hellen, liberals to oppose illiberalism, and then there#39;s the mellon/acls fellowship, approach the comedian took. Trump's Puerto Rico Visit Is a Political Disaster. The Absurdity of the Nobel Prizes in Science. Sterilizing a Child, for a Better Life. The Needless Complexity of Academic Writing. Bill Maher, meet Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

Last Friday, the cranky comedian, aided by keller atheist author Sam Harris, enraged actor Ben Affleck by calling Islam, in Harris’s words, “the mother lode of bad ideas.” Then on Monday, Maher condemned liberals for essay on culture, being so afraid of being called Islamophobes that they won’t denounce brutality committed in Islam’s name. “We’re liberals!” Maher declared about himself and Harris. “We’re liberals … we’re trying to stand up for hellen, the principles of essay writing speed liberalism! And so, y’know, I think we’re just saying we need to identify illiberalism wherever we find it in the world, and not forgive it because it comes from [a group that] people perceive as a minority.” Schlesinger would have been able to relate. Keller Essay! In his 1949 manifesto, The Vital Center , the Harvard historian and future Kennedy administration aide attacked what he called “doughface” liberals. Essay! Borrowing a term for pre-Civil War northerners who had refused to denounce slavery, Schlesinger deployed it against liberals who refused to denounce Soviet communism. “The infiltration of contemporary progressivism by Communism,” he wrote, “has led to the same self-flagellation [that prevented doughfaces from denouncing slavery], the same refusal to hellen essay, take precautions against tyranny.” Schlesinger’s point then, and Maher’s now, is completion fellowship that the essay, enemies of dissertation liberals do not reside only on hellen essay, the right.

In the 1930s and mellon/acls dissertation completion fellowship 1940s, some liberals grew so focused on keller essay, the struggles against fascism and racism—struggles in which communists proved staunch allies—that they refused to acknowledge Joseph Stalin’s crimes. Planning English Essay! Today, some liberals are so focused on keller, the struggle against American militarism and Islamophobia that they can’t muster much outrage against ISIS. According to Schlesinger, occupying the Vital Center means opposing totalitarianism wherever you find it, regardless of whether it claims the dr essay lincoln nebraska, mantle of progressivism, as the Soviet Union did during his time, or anti-imperialism, as jihadists do now. So far, so good. Where Maher goes wrong is in forgetting two other lessons of the liberal anti-totalitarian tradition. The first is to be precise about hellen keller, what you’re opposing. The second, to not get so carried away with your own virtue that you end up justifying terrible crimes. Let’s start with the point about completion, precision. At their best, the liberals of the early Cold War trained their fire on keller essay, Stalin, a particular ruler in a particular country at a particular moment in time.

When they began making sweeping generalizations about communism per se—forgetting that communist regimes and movements varied depending on their time and place—they got in trouble. In the 1940s and how long should to write word essay 1950s, the myth of a monolithic communist movement blinded some liberals to the fact that European socialists and communists—many of whom had their own national loyalties—could prove effective allies against Soviet power. “A recalcitrant Communist Yugoslavia,” in George Kennan’s words, “proved more resistant to Soviet Communist pressures than any non-Communist regime would have been likely to do.” Even more tragically, in the 1960s, some Cold War liberals could not distinguish between the hellen keller essay, communism of improve essay writing Joseph Stalin and the communism of keller Ho Chi Minh. By seeing Ho only as a communist, they overlooked the fact that many Vietnamese saw him primarily as an anti-colonialist. And by pretending that the ideological distinctions between North and South Vietnam resembled the ideological distinctions between East and West Germany, pro-war liberals ignored the reality that in Indochina, America’s allies were no more democratic than its communist foes. “The tragedy of Vietnam,” wrote Schlesinger in 1967, “is the tragedy of the catastrophic overextension and misapplication of valid principles.” And the engine of that overextension and misapplication was ignorance. Most pro-war liberals simply didn’t know enough about Vietnam to realize that their anti-communism was leading them astray. Should A 10000! As Graham Greene wrote of Alden Pyle, the idealistic CIA agent in his novel, The Quiet American , “He was impregnably armoured by essay his good intentions and his ignorance.” Maher is similarly armored today.

It’s one thing to denounce the Saudi monarchy for its fanatical illiberalism. Like Stalin’s dictatorship, it’s a particular regime in a particular place. But to imply that Islamism—and by extension organizations such as Tunisia’s Ennahda Party or Turkey’s AKP, both of which have won democratic elections—are just milder versions of ISIS is dangerously sloppy. As Kennan insisted again and again, national circumstances often play a larger role in determining how cultures and political systems function than do transnational beliefs. That’s especially true when the ideology isn’t even Islamism but Islam. Maher wants Americans to denounce Islam because while “all religions are stupid, Islam just happens to be the one right now, in this century, that’s most dangerous and violent.” That’s a wild overgeneralization. “Islam” is not violent or peaceful, dangerous or benign. Like every great religion, it includes a vast array of diverse and often contradictory teachings, which different people interpret in essay on culture and heritage, different ways in different places and times. Hellen Keller Essay! Yes, in some Muslim-majority countries, women and religious minorities are treated brutally. Planning! But that has far more to do with their particular national circumstances than with the fact that Muslims populate them. After all, other Muslim-majority countries have elected female heads of state. To lump together Indonesia and Yemen because both countries are mostly Muslim makes about keller essay, as much sense as lumping together Ireland and the Dominican Republic because both countries are mostly Catholic.

Restraining the evil that lurks within our own culture requires facing our own history of terrible crimes. The second lesson from the Cold War is that while anti-totalitarianism is important, it can become an essay on culture, excuse for America’s own misdeeds. Keller Essay! In 1954, eager to prove their anti-communist bona fides in the face of McCarthyite attacks, liberal stalwarts Hubert Humphrey, Paul Douglas, and John F. Kennedy introduced legislation banning the American Communist Party—thus using America’s crusade against Soviet repression to essay, massively repress free speech here at home. America’s war in Vietnam, justified as a struggle for freedom and human rights, took close to a million lives. When Affleck told Maher that America has “killed more Muslims than they’ve killed us by an awful lot … and somehow we’re exempt from these things because they’re not really a reflection of what we believe in. We did it by accident,” he was making a crucial point. As the hellen, great liberal Cold War theologian Reinhold Niebuhr stressed, nations, like individuals, are often unable to planning, acknowledge the hellen, degree to dr essay nebraska, which selfish interest infects their supposed pursuit of high principle. Restraining the hellen essay, evil that lurks within our own culture requires facing our own history of, and ongoing capacity for, terrible crimes.

It requires trying to see largely Christian America the way we are seen by the Muslims whose cities we have bombed. By contrast, declaring that the essential barbarism in today’s world lies elsewhere—not even just in a foreign regime or movement but in an entire religion—lets us off easy. “The pride and self-righteousness of powerful nations,” wrote Niebuhr, “are a greater hazard to their success than the mellon/acls completion fellowship, machinations of their foes.” It took the Vietnam War for Schlesinger to truly appreciate that point. Given America’s experience in the Middle East over the last decade, Maher has no excuse. The Harrowing Personal Stories of Syrian Refugees, in Their Own Words. A documentary film crew travels to Greece to capture the keller, perspectives of new arrivals. Trump's Puerto Rico Visit Is a Political Disaster.

The president told residents to be “very proud” they hadn’t endured a “real catastrophe” like Katrina, doing little to erase the impression that he sees hurricane relief more as a political story than a human one. Making his first appearance in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico since Maria’s landfall, President Trump offered a hearty round of congratulations to federal relief efforts and we control global warming essay thanked the island’s governor. But the president also suggested Maria was not a “real catastrophe,” made an odd and misleading comparison to the death toll from Hurricane Katrina, and hellen essay joked about how the hurricane would affect the dissertation fellowship, federal budget. It was a typically strange, disjointed appearance by the president, and it came just days after Trump spent much of the weekend picking fights with the mayor of San Juan and hellen insisting that, against all evidence, the recovery effort had largely responded to Puerto Rico’s needs. At Muniz Air Force Base, Trump was eager to english essay, praise the work of federal agencies, including FEMA, the Air Force, the Navy, and hellen essay the Coast Guard, amid a chorus of criticism that Washington’s response has been too slow and too small. How Long To Write Essay! But that praise led him in strange directions. A small group of programmers wants to hellen essay, change how we code—before catastrophe strikes. T here were six hours during the lincoln, night of hellen keller essay April 10, 2014, when the entire population of essay on culture Washington State had no 911 service. Hellen Keller! People who called for help got a busy signal.

One Seattle woman dialed 911 at least 37 times while a stranger was trying to how long should it take to write a 10000 word, break into her house. When he finally crawled into her living room through a window, she picked up a kitchen knife. The man fled. The 911 outage, at the time the largest ever reported, was traced to software running on hellen essay, a server in Englewood, Colorado. Operated by a systems provider named Intrado, the server kept a running counter of how many calls it had routed to how can we control essay, 911 dispatchers around the hellen, country. Intrado programmers had set a threshold for how high the counter could go.

They picked a number in the millions. The Absurdity of the Nobel Prizes in Science. They distort the nature of the scientific enterprise, rewrite its history, and overlook many of global essay its most important contributors. This morning, physicists Rainer Weiss, Kip Thorne, and Barry Barish received the Nobel Prize for Physics, for their discovery of gravitational waves—distortions in the fabric of space and time. The trio, who led the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) project that recorded these waves, will split the 9-million-Swedish-krona prize between them. Perhaps more importantly, they will carry the status of “Nobel laureate” for the rest of essay their lives. But what of the other scientists who contributed to the LIGO project, and whose names grace the three-page-long author list in the paper that describes the discoveries? “LIGO’s success was owed to hundreds of researchers,” astrophysicist Martin Rees told BBC News. “The fact that the Nobel Prize 2017 committee refuses to make group awards is causing increasingly frequent problems and giving a misleading impression of how a lot of science is actually done.” Sterilizing a Child, for a Better Life. Though it can tread dangerously close to eugenics, some parents argue that sterilization improves quality of life for their disabled children, and themselves.

When Sophie Carter entered puberty, her parents had more to dread than just a temperamental adolescent. Sophie is now 31 but still has the intellectual capacity of a three-year-old. There were no concerns about drugs or boyfriends and no chance of having “the talk” about sex with her. Essay Writing! The hardest part for Sophie’s Sydney-based parents was managing her periods. Hellen! “She has an dissertation, older sister and a younger sister and we tried to keller essay, get her to use pads, but it just didn’t work,” said Merren Carter, Sophie’s mother. “People talk about on culture, stigma associated with menstruation but there was none of essay that at our house. I will always remember a dinner party where [Sophie] proudly showed her pad to all of our visitors.” The Needless Complexity of Academic Writing. A new movement strives for simplicity. Essay! “Persistence is one of the great characteristics of a pitbull, and hellen keller I guess owners take after their dogs,” says Annetta Cheek, the co-founder of the D.C.-based nonprofit Center for Plain Language.

Cheek, an anthropologist by training who left academia in the early 1980s to work for the Federal Aviation Commission, is responsible for english essay, something few people realize exists: the 2010 Plain Writing Act. In fact, Cheek was among the first government employees to champion the use of clear, concise language. Once she retired in hellen keller, 2007 from the FAA and lincoln nebraska gained the freedom to lobby, she leveraged her hatred for gobbledygook to keller, create an improve essay speed, actual law. Take a look at keller essay recent information put out by many government agencies such as the Department of Veterans Affairs , the planning english essay, Department of Health and keller Human Services, and improve essay writing speed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau—if it lacks needlessly complex sentences or bizarre bureaucratic jargon, it’s largely because of Cheek and her colleagues. Two Dark American Truths From Las Vegas. On the certainty of more shootings. Beyond the scores of people who have been killed and essay the hundreds who have been wounded in Las Vegas today, thousands of other people, though not visibly or directly injured, have had their lives changed forever. Mellon/acls Dissertation Completion Fellowship! Children and parents. Husbands and wives. Brothers and keller sisters.

Something is instantly and permanently gone from their lives. Co-workers and friends. Members of churches or sports leagues or the essay on culture, PTA. Customers and clients and students. Neighbors and casual acquaintances at the coffee shop or the bar.

The rest of their days will be different and hellen keller shadowed because of this massacre. How Can We Control Warming! “Children, I want to explain why Coach Franklin won’t be leading our soccer team any more. Hellen! Something bad happened, and on culture and heritage . Keller Essay! ” Why are so many kids with bright prospects killing themselves in Palo Alto? The air shrieks, and life stops. First, from far away, comes a high whine like angry insects swarming, and then a trampling, like a herd moving through. Essay! The kids on essay, their bikes who pass by the Caltrain crossing are eager to english essay, get home from school, but they know the drill. Brake. Wait for the train to pass. Essay! Five cars, double-decker, tearing past at 50 miles an hour.

Too fast to see the faces of the Silicon Valley commuters on board, only a long silver thing with black teeth. A Caltrain coming into a station slows, invites you in. But a Caltrain at a crossing registers more like an ambulance, warning you fiercely out of its way. The kids wait until the lincoln nebraska, passing train forces a gust you can feel on your skin. The alarms ring and the red lights flash for a few seconds more, just in case. Then the hellen keller, gate lifts up, signaling that it’s safe to cross. All at once life revives: a rush of bikes, skateboards, helmets, backpacks, basketball shorts, boisterous conversation. How Long A 10000 Essay! “Ew, how old is that gum?” “The quiz is next week, dipshit.” On the road, a minivan makes a left a little too fast—nothing ominous, just a mom late for pickup.

The air is again still, like it usually is in spring in Palo Alto. A woodpecker does its work nearby. A bee goes in search of jasmine, stinging no one. In the essay, 1930s, the Germans were fascinated by the global leader in codified racism—the United States. There was no more extravagant site for Third Reich political theater than the mellon/acls dissertation, spectacular parade grounds, two large stadiums, and congress hall in hellen essay, Nuremberg, a project masterminded by Albert Speer. From 1933 to 1938, he choreographed massive rallies associated with the annual conference of the Nazi Party, assemblies made famous by Leni Riefenstahl’s stunning documentaries of essay 1933 and 1935, The Victory of Faith and Triumph of the Will . Hellen Keller! Nuremberg was the setting for the September 1935 “Party Rally of Freedom,” at which a special session of the Reichstag passed, by acclamation, legislation that disqualified Jews as Reich citizens with political rights, forbade them to marry or have sex with persons identified as racial Germans, and prohibited any display by Jews of national colors or the new national flag, a banner with a swastika. The world’s most powerful information gatekeepers neglected their duties in Las Vegas. Again. In the crucial early hours after the Las Vegas mass shooting, it happened again: Hoaxes, completely unverified rumors, failed witch hunts, and blatant falsehoods spread across the internet. But they did not do so by themselves: They used the infrastructure that Google and Facebook and YouTube have built to achieve wide distribution. How Long Should Word! These companies are the most powerful information gatekeepers that the world has ever known, and yet they refuse to take responsibility for their active role in damaging the quality of information reaching the public.

BuzzFeed ’s Ryan Broderick found that Google’s “top stories” results surfaced 4chan forum posts about a man that right-wing amateur sleuths had incorrectly identified as the Las Vegas shooter. A New History of the First Peoples in the Americas. The miracle of modern genetics has revolutionized the essay, story anthropologists tell about how humans spread out across the Earth. We Control Global! Europeans arriving in the New World met people all the way from the frozen north to the frozen south. All had rich and mature cultures and established languages. Hellen Keller Essay! The Skraeling were probably a people we now call Thule, who were the ancestors of the Inuit in Greenland and Canada and the In?upiat in Alaska. The Tai?no were a people spread across multiple chiefdoms around the Caribbean and Florida.

Based on cultural and language similarities, we think that they had probably separated from improve earlier populations from South American lands, now Guyana and Trinidad. Hellen! The Spanish brought no women with them in 1492, and raped the Tai?no women, resulting in essay on culture and heritage, the first generation of “mestizo”—mixed ancestry people. What If Everyone Ate Beans Instead of Beef? What can an individual do about climate change? The easiest answer: make this one dietary switch.

Research shows that using curse words can persuade everyone from voters to your co-workers. What Can People Do to keller, Get Better at Learning? Build the should it take to write a 10000 word, discipline of curiosity. Get 10 issues a year and save 65% off the cover price.

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Helen Keller Biography - American …

office romance essay Joan Klingel Ray. Joan Klingel Ray (email: is Professor of English and hellen President’s Teaching Scholar at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and President of the North American Friends of planning english essay Chawton House Library. She served as President of JASNA from 2000 to 2006. E agerness to inject passionate romance into Jane Austen’s life—whether with the young Irishman Tom Lefroy or someone else—is nothing new. Keller Essay. Speaking in 1925 to the Royal Society of Literature of the U. K. about the “gap” in Austen’s literary productivity between 1797 ( First Impressions ) and the “flood” of novels after 1811, H. W. Garrod sensibly cautioned:

Miss Austen’s biographers have sought the explanation of the mystery in a love affair. Essay. But perhaps a simpler explanation [is] . . . that, though she had written her first three novels by the end of 1798, she had not found a publisher for any of them until 1811. A genius, the most philo-progenitive, necessarily feels its ardours a good deal damped by the misfortune of three stillborn children. (27-28) 1. With Miramax’s 2007 release of Becoming Jane , “philo-progenitive” speculation will spread from the world of Austenites to the movie-going public. Many film-goers will believe not only that Lefroy was Austen’s romantic muse but also that she retained a passionate place in his heart. At the film’s end, an older, greyer Tom Lefroy reunites with Jane Austen, who looks shockingly like George Eliot, and hellen essay tells the novelist that his teenage daughter who accompanies him is named “Jane,” leading Lefroy and planning essay Austen to look meaningfully into keller essay, each other’s eyes—notwithstanding that Jane Lefroy’s grandmother was Mrs.

Jane Paul ( Memoir 15, 16, 18). How Can We Control. 2. Miramax’s film was inspired by hellen keller essay Jon Spence’s Becoming Jane Austen (2003), which also influenced Linda Robinson Walker’s 2006 “Jane Austen and should to write a 10000 Tom Lefroy: Stories.” Walker also seconds the idea that Austen was thinking of Lefroy with romantic melancholy as late as 1805—an idea, as Walker acknowledges (para. 25), that Nadia Nahmias-Radovici offered in 1995 in A Youthful Love: Jane Austen and hellen keller Tom Lefroy (8-10). 3. In researching the character of Tom Lefroy, nephew of Madam Lefroy, Austen’s beloved mentor and friend, for a 2006 essay in Notes and planning essay Queries , I began to question the extent of the Austen/Lefroy relationship and to keller perceive him as a young man of unquestionable probity and strong professional ambition whose heart actually belonged to another at the time he met Austen. 4 This essay develops ideas first presented there, as well as offering some things new.

Its dual guiding premises are that Lefroy was both too principled and too involved with a young Irishwoman, the sister of his close college friend, to trifle with or pursue Austen, and that young Jane Austen, (with apologies to my fellow-Janeites) an overly-exuberant young lady, misread Lefroy’s intentions. Tom Lefroy is thereby exculpated from the charge leveled by his aunt, Madam Lefroy, of “behav[ing] so ill to Jane Austen” (Anna Austen Lefroy, qtd. in Le Faye, “Tom Lefroy” 337). Assessing the planning english essay connection between Austen and Lefroy must begin with what Austen actually says about the contact they had. Her letter of 9-10 January 1796 speaks teasingly to her sister, Cassandra, about how she and her “Irish friend” were “profligate and shocking in the way of dancing and sitting down together” at three holiday balls. She also admits: “But as to our having ever met, except at the last three balls, I cannot say much,” emphasizing their limited contact.

Noting that Tom “ran away when we [i.e., likely Austen and her mother] called on Mrs Lefroy a few days ago,” she assumes he is “ashamed of coming to Steventon.” A few days after the running incident, Tom appears at Steventon, accompanied by his teenage cousin, George Lefroy. In Austen’s letter of 14-15 January 1796, she writes to her sister, “I rather expect to receive an offer from my friend in hellen keller essay the course of the evening [i.e., of the fourth ball at Ashe, the Lefroy home]. I shall refuse him, however, unless he promises to give away his white Coat,” referring to Tom’s sartorial choice that reflects the eponymous Tom Jones’s wearing a white coat; in the earlier letter, she had observed that Tom is a “very great admirer” of Tom Jones. (While Lefroy may have admired the imprudent hero of Fielding’s novel, this essay will show that Lefroy, himself, was a most prudent young man.) What could she mean by an “offer”? As her first letter revealed, the two had little if any contact besides at the balls. With Tom’s fleeing Ashe when the to write a 10000 word essay Austens arrive and then visiting Steventon with George a few days later, an “offer” to dance sounds far more likely than an offer of romance. Hellen Keller Essay. If Austen is not being facetious in this letter, she is unfortunately expecting more from Tom Lefroy than he has even hinted at improve writing speed offering her, based on her own words about their contact. Then we have the brief—and for some, tantalizing—letter of 23 August 1796 to her sister, written from Cork Street, London, where Austen and her brothers Frank and keller essay Edward spent time en route from Steventon to Edward’s Godmersham estate. Although Austen does not mention Lefroy here, Spence shows that Tom’s great-uncle, Benjamin Langlois, lived in a house on Cork Street (98-99).

Tom lived with him while he was pursuing his legal studies. Spence reasonably assumes that the three Austen siblings stayed at essay Langlois’s home because there were no hotels on the street then. But Austen’s writing, “I begin already to find my Morals corrupted” in her brief letter need not relate to her being in Tom’s London home, redolent of his manly presence. First, it is hellen keller, unlikely that Tom was even there in August because Lincoln’s Inn was not in session: Trinity term ended on english, June 15 th and the next term, Michaelmas, would not start until November 6 th (Warr). Irish students normally returned home to Ireland during the essay long break (Hutchings, 11 April 2006).

Secondly, Austen’s saying in the note that she is now in planning essay London, a “Scene of essay Dissipation vice,” would be in should it take a 10000 word essay vogue with the popular literary convention that the city (London) is a den of iniquity, while the country is a place of innocence. 5 That London was seriously viewed as morally seductive is clear from keller essay, a letter written by english Tom Lefroy’s Trinity College tutor, the Rev. Dr. Keller Essay. Burrowes (later Dean of Cork), dated April 21, 1795: “Of his [Tom’s] conduct in how can we control global warming London, however seducing its idleness and its evils , you need not have the slightest doubt” ( Memoir 14, my italics). 6. Austen’s final epistolary reference to Tom occurs in hellen her letter of 17-18 November 1798. On Culture And Heritage. The letter indicates that Madam Lefroy knew that her Irish nephew was not romantically pursuing Jane Austen. Hellen Keller Essay. Austen writes that “of her nephew [Madam Lefroy] said nothing at all,” and touchingly that she herself “was too proud to make any enquiries,” showing that Austen had far more interest in Lefroy than he had in her. When the Rev. Mr. Austen asks about Tom, they learn from Madam Lefroy that “he was gone back to London in his way to Ireland, where he is called to the Bar and means to practise.” Madam Lefroy then shows Austen a letter from the Rev.

Samuel Blackall, a twenty-seven-year-old Cantabrigian, in which he mentions the Austens—in something of a Collinsesque way!—suggesting that Madam Lefroy was hoping to connect Austen and Blackall. Madam Lefroy had invited Blackall to essay Ashe for the Christmas holidays of 1797/98 and keller introduced him to her dear Steventon neighbor (Le Faye, Chronology 204). But in this same letter, Austen herself recognizes their mutual indifference. 7 The point is that Madam Lefroy initiated the Blackall-Austen acquaintance in December 1797, just a year after she hosted Tom at Ashe. On Culture And Heritage. Does it not sound as if Madam Lefroy, herself, wanted to run out of Steventon rather than raise Tom Lefroy’s name? (Allow me to tip-toe out on a limb : there may be something of Madam Lefroy in Emma Woodhouse, matchmaker manqu .)

Some of those eager to get Austen and Lefroy together also turn to a passage in essay Austen’s letter to Cassandra of 8-11 April 1805, written in Bath, to how can we control suggest that “Jane and keller Tom may have met again in Bath” (Nahmias-Radovici 8-10; Walker, para. 25-26): Richard Chamberlayne a young Ripley from M r Morgan’s school, were there; our visit did very well.—This morning we have been to see Miss Chamberlayne look hot on should, horseback.—Seven years four months ago we went to the same Ridinghouse to see Miss Lefroy’s performance!—What a different set are we now moving in! But seven years I suppose are enough to change every pore of one’s skin, and every feeling of one’s mind. Far less titillating than suspecting that Lefroy had been in Bath with Austen “seven years and essay four months ago” is conjecturing that during that same period, Austen and her family saw Lucy Lefroy riding in dissertation Bath in hellen keller essay the company of Lucy’s mother, Madam Lefroy. On Culture And Heritage. On Jane Austen’s birthday in keller essay 1804 (with Lucy now married to planning english Henry Rice and a mother, another big change since Lucy was riding in Bath), Madam Lefroy died in a horseback riding accident. Austen would show how deeply this event affected her by keller writing an affectionate poem, “To the on culture Memory of essay Mrs. Lefroy,” in 1808—four years after Madam Lefroy’s death ( MW 440-42). Clearly, Austen had deeply retentive feelings for another Lefroy besides Thomas. As I have observed, some persons mine Austen’s epistolary comments to dig up a passionate, extended romance between Austen and on culture and heritage Lefroy—one that influenced her writing. But Austen’s letters really do not tell us much about Tom Lefroy—other than that he ran away from the hellen keller essay Austen ladies and that she thinks he is “ashamed” to planning english visit her—in terms of his real character.

To understand the keller events of Tom’s life and his actual nature, we must turn to dr essay nebraska the 1871 Memoir of Chief Justice Lefroy . While the author’s being Thomas Lefroy, son of the Tom Lefroy in Austen’s letters, might lead one to think that this biography is written with the “family prejudice” that Mr. Gardiner suspects when he hears Mrs. Reynolds praise Darcy ( PP 249), the Memoir includes letters about Tom’s character and career plans written by Tom’s Trinity tutor, the Rev. Dr. Burrowes, who has earlier been introduced, as well as by Tom’s great-uncle Benjamin Langlois and by hellen others who knew and witnessed Tom’s behavior during his late teens and early to essay and heritage mid-twenties. Hellen Keller Essay. 8 The letters give us an objective picture of a pious, principled, responsible, and ambitious young man, who would not have “led-on” a young woman—thus corroborating the we control global warming essay praise that Thomas Lefroy extends to his father. For example, Langlois praises “Thomas,” as he liked to call him, in a letter to hellen keller his nephew, Tom’s father. Writing on 22 November 1790, “[i]mmediately after [Tom’s] entering Trinity,” Langlois stresses that even at Thomas’s young age (not quite fifteen), 9 he was “so advanced for his years” that he was sure to succeed ( Memoir 6). Improve Essay Writing Speed. Subsequent letters from Langlois printed in hellen essay the Memoir follow Thomas’s academic career and legal ambitions.

Writing again to Tom’s father on 20 November 1791, Langlois speaks of Thomas’s being an “assiduous” student with “talents and disposition” that augur “success” (7). In another Langlois letter to the same (10 December 1792), he praises Thomas for “keep[ing] the lead in so distinguished a class” at College and having “everything in lincoln his temper and keller essay character that can conciliate affection. A good heart, a good mind, good sense, and as little to correct in him as ever I saw in one of his age” (8). In fact, Tom retained “the lead” in his “distinguished” cohort of students, earning the “gold medal of his class” ( Memoir 12). 10. And what of Tom’s personal life, beyond his academics? Based on the Memoir , it is likely that Tom had already met and seriously thought about the woman he would marry, Miss Mary Paul, while at improve essay Trinity and at least two years before he met Jane Austen. As I observe in the 2006 NQ essay, Tom developed “a warm friendship” with a fellow student, Mr. Thomas Paul, “during their College course” ( Memoir 14): between November 1790 and April 1795 (12). Hellen Keller. 11 The Memoir likewise states that “during their [the two Toms’] College course,” Lefroy visited the Paul family, who were still in Ireland then, “and, very soon, an attachment sprung up between him and Mr. and dr essay Mrs.

Paul’s only daughter [Mary],” to essay whom he became engaged in 1797 (14-15). Based on how can, his character as presented in the Memoir , Tom does not sound like Edward Ferrars, foolishly entering a youthful engagement before having any career plans—just a year after leaving Mr. Pratt’s school ( SS 130). Keller. Unlike Edward, Tom efficiently pursued his professional ambitions before pursuing his marital plans. To practice at speed the Irish Bar, a prospective Irish lawyer was required keep terms at one of the Inns of Court in London (Hutchings, 23 June 2007). Hellen Keller. Thus, Tom signed the registration book at dissertation completion Lincoln’s Inn 11 October 1793, well in advance of his physical attendance, which began in mid to late 1795 (H. Lefroy 11).

In 1794, while still a Trinity student, he also registered at King’s Inn, Dublin (Hogan). Then during Lincoln’s Inn’s Easter Term (April to hellen essay June) 1797—just between fourteen and sixteen months subsequent to his meeting Austen—he returned to Ireland to english essay register at hellen essay the Irish Bar, thereby cementing the location of his career choice ( Memoir 20). During this visit, Tom became formally engaged to Mary Paul, thus cementing his personal choice. It is reasonable to say, then, that he knew Mary Paul for at least two years—well in advance of his meeting Jane Austen—before they became engaged in spring 1797. Essay On Culture And Heritage. 12 Being formally engaged, the couple “was allowed to carry on a correspondence” (Memoir 15). Tom’s 1797 engagement to Mary helps to hellen keller explain his running away from Ashe when the Austen ladies called in how can global warming essay January 1796.

Thinking of Mary Paul, whom he had met during his “college course” and with whom he “very soon” developed an “attachment,” the principled Tom did not wish to mislead Jane Austen, who, he could see, was interested in him. Hellen. Tom could not help but know of this interest: Austen wrote in her letter 9-10 January 1796 that the Ashe Lefroys were laughing at Tom “about me.” 13 His calling at and heritage Steventon in the company of his cousin George “a few days” after his running stunt implies to me that Madam Lefroy gave her nephew marching orders to pay a courtesy call on the Austens after his abrupt and keller essay impolite departure from how long should it take a 10000 word essay, her home when they called “a few days” earlier. So why not take George along as a buffer? Tom’s behavior towards Austen is not that of a man in love with her. If Jane Austen was anything at all like Mary Russell Mitford’s mother remembered her—“the prettiest, silliest, most affected, husband-hunting butter-fly she ever remembers” (L’Estrange 1.305-06)—Tom must have been uncomfortable, seeing that his dancing and conversational courtesy had been misconstrued by the flippant and flirty young lady in question, as well as by the teasing Ashe Lefroys. 14 Lt. Col. J. Keller. A. Essay On Culture. P. Lefroy’s reaction to these events is keller essay, similar to mine: “How serious was this? Unfortunately, we have only one side of the story—Jane’s. Improve Essay. From the letters that remain it seems fairly clear that she made all the running” (152).

15 Consider, as well, that with Cassandra now engaged to Tom Fowle, her younger sister might have felt some pressure, even self-induced, to essay find a fianc of global warming essay her own, leading her to behave around Tom Lefroy and write to keller essay her sister about him in an overly-exuberant way. No wonder Tom ran. Returning to her letter of 17-18 November 1798, we recall that Austen only learned of Toms’s plan to practice at the Irish Bar during Mrs. Lefroy’s visit on Wednesday, November 14, 1798. Apparently, then, Tom did not think it necessary to tell Austen of his long-held ambition and activities toward fulfilling it while they were sitting down together and how can warming essay chatting at the four dances they attended between December 1795 and January 1796. Hellen Keller Essay. And why should he? He was planning to return to Ireland to improve essay writing propose to Mary.

Dancing together at hellen four holidays balls did not mean a romantic interlude to Tom Lefroy. Tom’s dual spring 1797 engagement and Irish Bar registration also affect our understanding of Austen’s reminiscence about “seven years and essay four months ago” (i.e., January 1798) in the April 1805 letter from Bath. The Memoir states that Mary preserved all of the letters she received from Tom, beginning with those written after their engagement in spring 1797 after he returned to London to continue his legal studies until 1799. Hellen. The couple’s desire to dr essay nebraska correspond is made even clearer when we learn that before practicing at the Irish Court in 1800, Tom continued to devote “himself . . . with perseverance to the study of hellen law” at the Temple in London, still “resid[ing] with his grand uncle Mr. Improve Writing Speed. Langlois,” but now, as an engaged man, receiving letters from Mary (15, 20).

Consider that in a letter dated April 21, 1795 (just eight months before Lefroy met Austen at the first holiday ball and at the time of his Trinity graduation), the hellen keller essay Rev. Dr. Burrowes wrote of dissertation completion fellowship having “such intimate knowledge of [Tom’s] disposition and habits” that he can attest to the nineteen-year-old Lefroy’s “talents and hellen essay judicious diligence,” “religious principles,” and nebraska “just ambition” to practice law in Ireland ( Memoir 13-14). Had Tom been romancing Jane Austen in Bath in early 1798, while simultaneously writing to his fiance, he would have been cheating on both young women, behavior that contradicts the earnest, moral young man of the Memoir . Burrowes was in an excellent position to keller evaluate Tom’s character. He was Tom’s tutor for Tom’s entire Trinity College experience (c. November 1790-April 1795), and planning english Tom lived with Burrowes’s family during this period, leading Burrowes to say of Tom, “I feel for him as a son or a brother” (21 April 1795, 13-14). The facts of Tom’s Trinity years corroborate Burrowes’s glowing evaluation of hellen keller his student and boarder at the time of we control global warming his graduation. Tom was so active in keller the College Historical Society that he proactively led in December 1794 the dr essay lincoln “series of Resolutions” to found a new College Historical Society to replace the first one that was disbanded in 1790 because of debates that “breache[d] College discipline” ( Memoir 12). He must have been a persuasive orator and respected student when he addressed the Trinity administration on the Society’s behalf, for hellen keller essay they acceded to his request. Going on to win four awards from this same College Historical Society (one for history and three for oratory in 1793, 1794, and 1795), Tom took all the College examinations, “taking the dr essay lincoln nebraska highest prize of each year” (12). Tom’s behavior during his Lincoln’s Inn period—specifically spanning the Austen years, as he physically arrived at the Inns of Court in hellen keller essay mid to late 1795 to how can we control warming essay begin “keeping terms”—was no different from what it had been at Trinity.

He habitually applied himself to his legal studies, which was greatly a matter of hellen personal preference. That is, in those days “keeping terms” at the Inns of improve essay writing speed Court was not equivalent to today’s law school with formal classes. Citing an keller essay e-mail from the Lincoln’s Inn Librarian, Helen Lefroy reports that. Irish students were required to keep eight terms commons. . . . “Keeping terms” was simply a matter of dining the right number of times during Hilary, Easter, Trinity and how can global warming Michaelmas terms. Keller Essay. . . . The four Inns of it take to write a 10000 essay Court provided no legal training whatsoever. Young aspiring barristers could attend the courts, study available textbooks, read up cases in the chambers of a practicing barrister, or work in essay an attorney’s office. (H. Lefroy 13; similar to essay Hutchings, 11 April 2006) Preparing for the rigorous legal examinations that one needed to keller pass to practice law was up to the individual. Should Word Essay. Of course, there were young men who, while dining the requisite number of times at the Inns of Court, never became lawyers. Austen even created one: George Wickham. Darcy’s letter to Elizabeth states that Wickham “‘had some intention . . Keller Essay. . of studying the law . . . in town’” (i.e., in London at one of the Inns of Court), but “‘his studying the mellon/acls dissertation fellowship law was a mere pretence’” for “‘a life of idleness and keller essay dissipation’” ( PP 200-01).

Interestingly, Becoming Jane presents law-student Tom Lefroy in this very guise—fist-fighting in an alley, drinking and cavorting with whores, and scurrying late into court—at the beginning of the film, which I mention in the QA in the Production Notes on nebraska, the movie’s website. The real Tom, however, was “daily at Westminster Hall, where” he so assiduously observed “the Courts presided over by keller essay such men as Lord Eldon and dr essay lincoln nebraska Lord Kenyon” that “he . . . left a large collection of manuscript essays and readings on various heads of Common Law and hellen essay Equity, written while he was keeping his Law Terms at dr essay lincoln nebraska Lincoln’s Inn, that would rank high—even amongst the many valuable Digests now extant” ( Memoir 20). As a student he “laid in a store of hellen essay knowledge with which few students ever commenced their professional career” (20). The sizable manuscript essay collection amassed from Lefroy’s Lincoln’s Inn-days verifies Lefroy Junior’s assessment of his father’s exceptionally diligent study habits. Tom’s unusual perseverance as a student of the law paid off. One of mellon/acls dissertation completion fellowship Tom’s friends, Charles D. Hoare, heard the twenty-five-year-old Tom, now practicing at the Irish Bar, argue in keller essay the Dublin Court “a writ of Error before the Exchequer Chamber” in November 1801 ( Memoir 21). English. According to Hoare’s letter to Colonel Lefroy, Tom, after speaking for hellen two hours (remember those Trinity Oratory medals!), apologized to Lord Clare for writing speed using so much of the Court’s time, only to have Lord Clare respond, “Mr. Lefroy, you have no reason whatever to lament, for you have argued the case with most uncommon precision and much satisfaction to the Court” (my italics, showing that Tom stood out in Court just as he did at Trinity and Lincoln’s Inn).

Moreover, the Chief Baron of the Irish Bar commented that Lefroy’s presentation that day “was the hellen keller essay ablest which has been made at the Irish Bar”—verifying the epistolary comment made by Burrowes six years earlier (April 1795), when he wrote that “no young man has left our College with a higher character” nor probably with as many medals ( Memoir 21-22, 13). As Lefroy’s biographer-son modestly says of his uniquely brilliant and legally-skilled father, “His habits of planning application while at the Temple [i.e., in London] appear to have borne early fruit” ( Memoir 21). With Tom fulfilling his ambition to practice law in Ireland, we turn back to keller essay those who believe that Austen’s being English was a “point in her favor” in terms of gaining approval from essay writing speed, Langlois. Walker says that Langlois was “no friend to the Irish” and hellen had “consistently tried to woo Tom to England” (para. 20, citing the Memoir 4). She also observes that in 1763, Langlois called the Irish “savages” in english essay a letter to the Duke of Portland (para. 20). So why would Tom even go back to Langlois’s house to resume his legal preparations at the Temple after spring 1797—after his registration at the Irish Bar and engagement to the now letter-writing, Irish Mary? The Memoir shows that Langlois’s desire for Tom to essay be in improve essay writing speed England was a matter of keller fellowships, not fiances: [A]fter the idea of [Tom’s] being sent to planning english an English University was abandoned, Mr. Langlois’ desire was that [Tom] should read for hellen keller essay a fellowship in the University of Dublin , and dr essay nebraska we might naturally suppose that the hellen suggestion of so influential a relative, and one who took so deep an interest in his welfare, would have had great weight in such a matter yet nothing turned his [Tom’s] attention for a moment from the Irish Bar as the sphere of essay his future labours. (5, my italics)

If Langlois did not want Tom to be in Ireland in the mid to late 1790’s (thirty years after making his Irish “savages” remark), why would he urge Tom to secure a fellowship at the University of Dublin? 16. Langlois’s lengthy letter of hellen keller November 3, 1793, written to Tom’s father, clarifies the intention behind his desire for dr essay Thomas’s securing a fellowship, whether at an English or Irish university: having a fellowship meant having a classical academic education prior to pursuing professional studies. In this letter, Langlois states that securing a fellowship “was always my favourite object for Thomas.” But “whether he means to stand for a Fellowship or not,” Langlois elaborates, “let him by all means go on with his academical studies. Let him form his taste upon the great Greek and Roman models” ( Memoir 9).

Langlois continues, urging the keller Colonel to prevent Thomas’s. substituting another course, of making him either a lawyer, a statesman, or an orator, while at the University, he would lose all the advantages of a learned academical education. . Planning. . . A University education gives strength and vigour to the mind. . . . ( Memoir 11) Langlois’s point is even clearer when we realize that one did not need a University degree to keller essay register at the Inns of Court (Hutchings, 23 June 2007). Benjamin Langlois, however, desired Thomas to master the knowledge and skills of a classical University undergraduate education and complete his degree program—which Tom, indeed, did, earning his Trinity B.A. in 1795 (Hamilton)—before pursuing his professional legal studies in London. Tom’s character, which is presented in the Memoir , helps to explain Tom’s behavior during that winter holiday period of dissertation 1795/96, when he met and danced with Jane Austen, as well as when he ran away from her and failed to tell her of his career plans.

Family gossip has been handed down regarding his behavior towards Austen, even as Austen’s statements in her letters attest to minimal contact between her and Tom. Hellen Keller. Yet desiring to create a passionate romance for mellon/acls dissertation completion fellowship Austen, mistress of love stories, proponents of an Austen-Lefroy “philo-progenitive” relationship have either failed to consult the Memoir or consulted it only selectively. Putting what Austen actually states in her letters together with what the Memoir reports of Tom’s character and activities suggests that their biggest topic of hellen essay conversation was the essay speed color of his coat. Besides, if the Jane Austen-Tom Lefroy relationship had been a passionate romance, would the ever-vigilant Cassandra, keeper of thousands of her sister’s letters, allowed the Lefroy-letters to keller escape the flames in which she burned the epistles that she felt embarrassing or compromising to her beloved sister? Finally, as the research of Jocelyn Harris, in particular, has shown, while Austen’s life provided literary inspiration, so did her imagination and her reading. 1. While Garrod sees the “gap” in Austen’s literary productivity between the completion of “First Impressions” (1797) and the publication of Sense and how long should it take to write a 10000 word Sensibility (1811), Spence, of course, sees Austen’s beginning “First Impressions” (1796) as the keller spark of creativity lighted by her relationship with Tom Lefroy. 2. The Memoir is should to write, Memoir of Chief Justice Lefroy by his son, Thomas Lefroy, hereafter cited as Memoir . Having studied the Memoir , I interpret the elderly Justice Lefroy’s recalling his “boy’s love” of Austen as another example of the kindness and high principles for which he was distinguished in his youth, as this essay will show.

See Helen Lefroy for hellen keller essay the “boy’s love” remark (11). 3. Spence argues that Lefroy’s and mellon/acls fellowship Austen’s reading of Tom Jones empowered her writing, and he attributes to Lefroy the “intense vitality and passion” of Pride and hellen keller Prejudice (102-03). As for the “passion” of the novel, I remind readers that Darcy first loves Elizabeth for the “‘liveliness of improve writing [her] mind,’” while Elizabeth comes to love Darcy after she feels “gratitude and esteem” for him ( PP 380, 279). Keller. Spence’s “Works Cited” list does not include the Memoir . Nahmias-Radovici suggests that Lefroy was Austen’s romantic muse for Northanger Abbey and on culture Persuasion . Walker supports the ideas independently presented by Spence and Nahmias-Radovici (whose work Spence also did not cite) that “the couple [Austen and Lefroy] had a longer relationship” and a more intense “bond” than hitherto believed (para. Hellen Keller Essay. 1). 4. Walker questions some statements in my essay, which she calls in her “Works Cited” list “The Real Tom Lefroy” (the title of how long it take Helen Lefroy’s essay in keller The Jane Austen Society Report for 2003 ). For her querying my calling Mary Paul an “heiress,” see n. 7 of the it take to write a 10000 essay NQ -essay, citing the DNB. Mary Paul, however, was not an hellen keller heiress when she married Tom Lefroy—only after the death of her brother shortly after the marriage. For her querying my saying that Lefroy knew his future wife, Mary Paul “at least two years” before he met Austen, see this essay and mellon/acls dissertation completion fellowship n. 12, below. Having used Nahmias-Radovici’s book, Walker surprisingly did not question the same assertion made by its author. 5. For example, in Tom Jones , Jones’s London experiences lead him to his worst moral fall: becoming the kept man of the older Lady Bellaston (Bk.

13). 6. Hellen. While Walker thinks that the brevity of dr essay nebraska Austen’s Cork-Street letter is essay, based on her nervousness about being in dr essay the home (a “lion’s den” [para. 19]) of Langlois, from whom she desires the approval to be Tom’s beloved, the letter’s shortness can easily be accounted for by Austen’s being tired from a long day’s travel but still feeling compelled to scribble off a hasty note on the day of arrival—much as we make a quick phone call today in similar circumstances. As for Walker’s querying the three Austens’ attending Astley’s Circus that evening: the famous equestrian circus was undoubtedly far more exciting than anything available in Steventon. For the “lion’s den,” see n. 16, below. 7. After repeating to Cassandra the excerpt from Blackall’s letter where he mentions the Austen family, including his apology for being unable to visit, Austen writes, “This is rational enough; there is less love and more sense in it than sometimes appeared before, and I am very well satisfied. It will all go on exceedingly well, and decline away in a very reasonable manner.” 8. Langlois’s letters are replies to his nephew Colonel Lefroy (Tom’s father) and to the Rev.

Dr. Burrowes regarding Tom’s progress at Trinity College. 9. While Tom was a brilliant student, we should not consider him a prodigy for entering college at such a young age; many a fine student had mastered the keller required Greek and Latin to gain college admission between 14 and 16 years of age. Recall in Sense and Sensibility , Edward Ferrars’s telling Elinor, “‘I was not entered at Oxford till I was nineteen’” (362)—indicating that he enrolled at an unusually late age, though Lefroy’s having the linguistic knowledge to enter Trinity before fifteen is lincoln nebraska, certainly a sign of his unusual intelligence and diligence. 10. Walker quotes some of these same phrases in her essay but does not analyze or apply them to Tom’s behavior when he was at Ashe and met Jane Austen. 11. Had the two Toms met at the end of their college careers, Lefroy’s meticulous biographer/son would have said so. 12.

I am not alone in keller essay reasoning that Tom Lefroy met Mary Paul years prior to his meeting Austen. Nahmias-Radovici’s conclusion is how long it take to write essay, similar to mine, though we reached those conclusions independently: “Since [Mary Paul] was the keller essay sister of [Tom Lefroy’s] College friend, Tom Paul, he must have known Mary for many years and he must have been sure that she would have been an essay writing affectionate wife and mother” (56-57, my italics). Essay. However, I strongly disagree with her assumption that when Tom, as a husband and father, wrote letters to improve essay writing his wife and children (reproduced later in the Memoir ) that expressed his religiosity, such expressions resulted from hellen keller essay, his feeling guilty about his youthful treatment of Jane Austen and his trying “to avoid memories dear and how long to write word essay painful, regrets and remorse to haunt his thoughts” (58). Nahmias-Radovici’s book contains no citations from earlier sections of the Memoir , where Tom’s strong religious principles as a youth are mentioned. 13. Austen’s writing in this same letter that Tom “is so excessively laughed at hellen about me at dr essay lincoln Ashe, that he is ashamed of coming to Steventon” reminds me of Mrs. Jennings’s teasing Elinor about names beginning with F ( SS 125). Keller Essay. Imagine Tom’s being as irritated as Elinor is. While Walker claims that “Tom was . Mellon/acls Dissertation Fellowship. . . behaving like a man interested in a woman [i.e., Jane Austen]” (para.

12), I suggest that woman was Mary Paul. Likewise, Walker suggests that the Lefroys’ teasing Tom “must have annoyed him for its accuracy” (para. 11). If my argument is keller, logical, then Tom was annoyed by the teasing’s inaccuracy because the Ashe Lefroys were unaware of his plans to practice law in Ireland and to propose to Mary. Walker also says that Tom’s “reputation for conviviality does not fit with this image of a teased, shy boy.” Yet his “reputation for on culture conviviality”—assumedly inferred from Benjamin Langlois’s mentioning Tom’s “winning” character in a letter to hellen Tom’s father written when Tom was at dr essay lincoln nebraska college and hellen essay from Tom’s tutor’s letter to Tom’s father speaking of his “pleasure . . . in Thomas’s society”—is based on how can warming essay, Tom’s behavior at Trinity, a bastion of male camaraderie ( Memoir 6, 13).

14. Hellen. The comment is in Mary Mitford’s letter to dr essay nebraska Sir William Elford (3 April 1815). Hellen Essay. Mary Russell Mitford’s mother was Miss Mary Russell (1750-1830), daughter of the Rev. Planning English Essay. Richard Russell, rector of Ashe, just two miles from the Austens’ Steventon rectory, until his death in 1783. Upon her husband’s death, Mrs.

Russell and her daughter, Mary, vacated the Ashe rectory and moved to hellen keller essay Alresford (ten miles from Alton), Hampshire, where Mrs. English. Russell died in 1785, leaving her only surviving child, Miss Mary Russell, now thirty-five, heiress to the fortune left by her husband. Mary Russell soon married George Mitford in Alresford on October 17, 1785. Mary Russell Mitford was born to them two years later. By 1795/96, the Mitfords left Hampshire and moved to Surrey. Thus, Mrs. Mary Russell Mitford, the “mamma” to whom Miss Mary Russell Mitford refers, lived at Ashe until Jane Austen was eight and in the nearby Hampshire area until Austen was turning twenty (L’Estrange 1.88 and passim , 2.286).

15. J. Keller Essay. A. P. Dr Essay. Lefroy continues, “She was evidently attracted to Tom—but would she have married him? She says not [i.e., in her remarks in the first two letters, particularly in the second, where she writes, “At length the Day is come on which I am to flirt my last with Tom Lefroy, when you receive this it will be over—My tears flow as I write, at the melancholy idea” (14-15 January 1796)]—but we are left wondering whether she does not protest too much” (152). I was able to gain access to J. A. Essay. P. Lefroy’s essay only after my NQ -essay was published. Lincoln Nebraska. I am glad to see that we agree on many points. 16. Clearly, then, Austen’s being an Englishwoman would have been moot, relative to Langlois’s 1763 anti-Irish remark. Essay. As for Langlois’s home being a “lion’s den” in April 1796, since Tom was likely not there, Austen would not have had to how long a 10000 word worry. That there are probably “Letter(s) missing” (Le Faye, Letters 5) after Austen’s brief letter of 23 August 1796 does not mean that she was writing about a meeting with Tom Lefroy.

In the missing letters, Austen may have expressed her sadness at hellen keller not seeing Tom, or at learning from Langlois that he had returned home to Ireland. We will never know, unless the on culture missing letters miraculously appear. Austen, Jane. The Works of keller Jane Austen . Ed. Should It Take A 10000 Essay. R. Keller. W. Chapman. 3 rd ed. Oxford: OUP, 1933-69. Becoming Jane . Dr Essay Nebraska. Perf. Hellen Essay. Anne Hathaway, James McAvoy. Miramax, 2007.

Fielding, Henry. The History of planning essay Tom Jones, A Foundling . New York: New American Library, 1963. Garrod, H. W. “Jane Austen: A Depreciation.” Essays by Divers Hands Being the Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature of the United Kingdom ns 8 (1925): 21-40. Hamilton, James A. “Thomas Lefroy.” Dictionary of National Biography . 1892. Rpt.

1963-64. Hellen Keller Essay. Vol. 11. 845. Harris, Jocelyn. Jane Austen’s Art of Memory . English Essay. Cambridge: CUP, 1989. _____. A Revolution Almost Beyond Express ion : Jane Austen’s Persuasion. Newark: U of Delaware P, 2007. Hogan, Daire. “Thomas Lefroy . Keller Essay. ” Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Hutchings, Jo (Archivist, Lincoln’s Inn, London).

E-mails to dissertation the author. 11 April 2006, 23 June 2007. Le Faye, Deirdre. A Chronology of Jane Austen . Cambridge: CUP, 2006. _____, ed . Hellen Keller. Jane Austen’s Letters . 3 rd ed. Oxford: OUP, 1995.

_____. “Tom Lefroy and Jane Austen.” Collected Reports of the should to write word Jane Austen Society 1976-1985 (1989; rpt. Hellen Keller. 1994): 336-338. Lefroy, Helen. “The Real Tom Lefroy.” The Jane Austen Society Report (2003): 11-14. Lefroy, J. A. Dissertation Completion Fellowship. P. “Jane Austen’s Irish Friend: Rt. Hon. Thomas Langlois Lefroy 1776-1869.” Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of essay London 23 (May 1979): 148-65. Lefroy, Thomas. Memoir of how long to write word Chief Justice Lefroy . Keller. Dublin: Hodges, 1871. L’Estrange, A. G., ed. The Life of planning Mary Russell Mitford Related i n A Selection From Her Letters To Her Friends . 3 vols. London: Bentley, 1870.

Nahmias-Radovici, Nadia. A Youthful Love: Jane Austen and essay Tom Lefroy . Braunton, UK: Merlin, 1995. Ray, Joan Klingel. Writing. “The Truth About Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy.” Notes and Queries ns 53.3 (2006): 311-14. Spence, Jon. Hellen Keller Essay. Becoming Jane Austen: A Life . London: Hambledon, 2003. Warr, Ian (Information Services Office, The Law Society, London). E-mail to the author.

7 April 2006.

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It is also very light on results. How Long It Take To Write Word? This client insisted that it was impossible to quantify results. The after version shows again what a difference professional resume writing and the CAR technique can make. Although we were still unable to unearth any quantified results, we reworded accomplishments to still focus on the benefits and value add of each accomplishment. A sidebar provides an easy-to-read and eye-catching #8220;snapshot#8221; of the major challenge faced in the position and the overall key results produced. Keller Essay? The accomplishments and results presented in context give the reader an immediate understanding of the mellon/acls dissertation completion fellowship, strategic impact this candidate had on the company. Again, an employer seeking a candidate to help them grow their business to hellen keller essay, the next level of how can we control essay, success will find this candidate irresistible and will feel compelled to pick up the phone and hellen essay, call him for an interview. For more inspiration on how the CAR technique can be used to turn a dull resume into a winner, take a look at the many professionally written resume examples on our site showcasing the work of Distinctive Documents. “Finally! A comprehensive e-manual of professionally written sample resumes that show you step-by-step (using 101 REAL before-and-after examples) exactly how to create your own job-winning resume – or transform one that isn’t working for essay writing speed, you!” 101 REAL examples, tips, strategies, and valuable professional trade secrets you can download and use right NOW! About the author: Michelle Dumas is a multiply-certified, national-award-winning professional resume writer and career marketing expert widely recognized as pioneering thought-leader and trend-setter in the employment services industry.

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Several days after the Internet mailing was sent, I received a call from a fantastic company. After 3 long interviews I received an offer this evening as a Director of Operations. Keller Essay? I will be a Vice President within a year! It's public and essay on culture and heritage, offered a +90K salary plus with Equity. Thank you for doing a fantastic job. Keep in touch! I will update my background with you every so often. You're awesome! Due to my new resume I actually see myself as qualified and marketable.

Now let's see if I can put it into action. Thanks so much Michelle. I am so pleased with the essay, quality of your work and the service received that I have already passed your name and website address to several people!! It is it take a 10000 word essay, amazing and quite impressive to me how you so easily interpret a couple of sentences in a profile and turn it into a professional document that articulates and hellen keller, describes my roles and responsibilities to a tee! Very rarely do I encounter such great customer service and dr essay lincoln, response times to inquiries. that alone sold me on your services. Hellen Essay? I will continue working with you for as long as you stay in dissertation fellowship business or until I retire from hellen essay working!(. Dr Essay Lincoln? ) Search our site.

Connect With Us. Copyright copy 19962017 Distinctive Career Services, LLC All Rights Reserved.

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Emdashes—Modern Times Between the hellen essay Lines. Before it moved to improve, The New Yorker : The Best American Essays in The New Yorker, 1985 to keller essay, the Present. Filed under: The Squib Report Tagged: A. Alvarez, Adam Gopnik, Alan Lightman, Alastair Reid, Alec Wilkinson, Alex Ross, Alfred Kazin, Alice Munro, Alison Rose, Amitav Ghosh, Andre Aciman, Andre Dubus, Anne Fadiman, Annie Dillard, Anthony Bailey, Arthur Miller, Atul Gawande, Berton Roueche, Best American series, Bill Buford, books, Caitlin Flanagan, Calvin Tomkins, Calvin Trillin, Cathleen Schine, Chang-Rae Lee, Complete New Yorker, Cynthia Ozick, Cynthia Zarin, Dagoberto Gilb, Dan Hofstadter, Daniel Raeburn, Daphne Merkin, Darryl Pinckney, Dave Eggers, David Denby, David Foster Wallace, David Owen, David Rieff, David Samuels, David Sedaris, Diana Trilling, Don DeLillo, Donald Antrim, E.J. Lincoln. Kahn Jr., Edmund White, Edward Conlon, Edward Hoagland, Elizabeth Hardwick, Eric Konigsberg, F. Keller Essay. Gonzalez-Crussi, Frances FitzGerald, Francine du Plessix Gray, Gay Talese, Geoffrey Wolff, George Saunders, George W.S. Essay On Culture. Trow, Gwen Kinkead, Harold Brodkey, Henry Louis Gates, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Hilton Als, Ian Frazier, Jamaica Kincaid, James Atlas, Jane Kramer, Jerome Groopman, Jill Lepore, Jo Ann Beard, Joan Acocella, Joan Didion, John Edgar Wideman, John Irving, John Lahr, John McPhee, John Seabrook, John Updike, Jonathan Franzen, Jonathan Lethem, Jonathan Raban, Joseph Brodsky, Joseph Epstein, Joyce Carol Oates, Judith Thurman, Justin Kaplan, Katha Pollitt, Kathleen Norris, Kathryn Harrison, Laura Hillenbrand, Linda H. Davis, Louis Menand, Malcolm Gladwell, Marcus Laffey, Marjorie Gross, Mary Karr, Michael Arlen, Michael J. Hellen Keller. Arlen, Muriel Spark, Nicholson Baker, Noelle Oxenhandler, Oliver Sacks, Oscar Hijuelos, Patrick McGrath, Paul Sheehan, Richard Ford, Richard Preston, Robert Heilbroner, Robert Shaplen, Robert Stone, Roger Angell, Salman Rushdie, Scott Turow, Simon Schama, Stephen Jay Gould, Stephen King, Sue Hubbell, Susan Orlean, Susan Sontag, Ted Conover, Terrence Rafferty, Tony Earley, Tracy Kidder, Veronica Geng, Vicki Hearne, Vivian Gornick, William Pfaff, William Styron. I was happy to mellon/acls dissertation fellowship, see Emily’s statement of hellen essay allegiance to The New Yorker at The Millions the other day. For that matter, I was heartened to how long it take to write a 10000, C. Max Magee launch such an impassioned argument in favor of the magazine. Hellen Keller Essay. While I fully agree with him, it’s occurred to me before that there are more objective measures of the quality of The New Yorker . Two years ago now, I tried to summon a collection of dr essay lincoln like-minded readers around the keller essay project of we control global warming isolating the hellen keller finest treasures in The Complete New Yorker . Later, I realized that that group had already coalesced here at Emdashes; what’s more, others had already done much of the essay work of isolating the hellen best work that has appeared in the magazine. You’re familiar with Houghton Mifflin’s annual “Best American” anthology series. Not too long ago, there was only The Best American Essays and The Best American Short Stories. Today, the series have proliferated, in more ways than one.

Houghton Mifflin has branched out into The Best American Mystery Stories, The Best American Sports Writing, The Best American Nonrequired Reading, The Best American Comics, and so on. Meanwhile, other presses, noticing the popularity of the line, have followed suit: Da Capo now has a Best Music Writing series, Harper Perennial has its own Best American Science Writing series (Houghton Mifflin’s counterpart is called The Best American Science and Nature Writing ), and so on. We Control Global Warming Essay. It’s become a crowded field. As a rule, each series has a general editor, and every year a prominent practitioner of the art is keller, asked to improve speed, serve as guest editor. In each Best American Essays (or whatever), approximately a score of hellen keller essay exemplars is warming essay, selected to be reprinted, along with—important for my purposes—several dozen also-rans listed in the back of the keller essay book. It will come as no surprise to how can essay, anyone who has leafed through these books that The New Yorker regularly dominates them.

It is the hellen rare table of improve essay contents that does not feature an artifact from The New Yorker , more commonly two or three. Hellen Essay. The also-rans in the back also invariably feature a handful of additional gems that originally appeared in fellowship, The New Yorker . I would never claim that these selections are the keller final word on the subject. Surely The New Yorker and other outlets benefit from familiarity, and improve speed surely reasons that are not purely quality-based might account for this or that article or story being selected over keller essay, another. Sometimes the selections seem more notable for should it take word, their ability to get people talking than strict level of achievement. The guest editors are idiosyncratic; nobody’s perfect. Nevertheless, in the aggregate the baseline quality represented in a listing of all of The New Yorker ’s selected essays or stories is simply very high. No matter how you cut it, these books are a tremendous resource for hellen keller essay, anyone seeking the best writing from the how can we control global essay magazine over keller essay, the last two decades or so. As of dissertation fellowship now, there are gaps. Hellen Keller Essay. Anyone with a yen to trudge off to we control global warming essay, the library and keller jot down some authors and titles (dates I can get on my own) and essay then e-mail them to hellen, is incredibly welcome to do so. Nebraska. I promise to add the entries to this post with alacrity, with credit. Hellen Essay. (Note that the items in planning essay, this list dated, say, 2001 appeared in the collection with the year 2002 printed on the cover.) The essays are listed chronologically, so the hellen merest glance will reveal the years I have not yet been able to secure.

Please report the inevitable errors to mellon/acls completion, the same address. Outright selections and hellen also-rans are listed without noting which is which—they’re all gonna be good, right? [Update: I’ve changed my mind on warming essay, this; selected essays, where available, are set in italics. —MCS] The list can fulfill multiple purposes, of course; if you are worried about hellen missing gems in general, this list will help you catch up. But even if you want to indulge your skeptical side and test whether that overhyped John Updike or Cynthia Ozick is really any good; well, here are the certified hits. They might not be the most exceptional works that Updike or Ozick ever wrote, but somebody clearly thought they were pretty good. I swoon at the very thought of the speed reading lists (a handy feature of the CNY ) this post may inspire. Calvin Trillin, Adam Gopnik, Alice Munro, Roger Angell—you could generate a short reading list for each of hellen them, and planning english essay many more. I sincerely hope readers find this list useful.

More are on the way. —Martin Schneider. “Best American Essays” originating in The New Yorker : 1985 (Elizabeth Hardwick, editor) Calvin Trillin, “Right-of-Way,” 5/6/1985. John Updike, “At War with My Skin,” 9/2/1985. Ian Frazier, “Bear News,” 9/9/1985. Joseph Brodsky, “Flight from hellen keller essay Byzantium,” 10/28/1985.

Calvin Trillin, “Rumors Around Town,” 1/6/1986. Adam Gopnik, “Quattrocento Baseball,” 5/19/1986. Anthony Bailey, “A Good Little Vessel,” 6/2/1986. Vicki Hearne, “Questions about Language,” 8/18/1985. Berton Roueche, “Marble Stories,” 10/27/1986. William Pfaff, “The Dimensions of Terror,” 11/10/1986. Calvin Trillin, “The Life and Times of Joe Bob Briggs, So Far,” 12/22/1986. E.J. How Can Global Warming Essay. Kahn Jr., “The Honorable Member for Houghton” 4/20/1987. Harold Brodkey, “Reflections: Family.” 11/23/1987. Susan Sontag, “Pilgrimage,” 12/21/1987.

Veronica Geng, “A Lot in Common,” 1/25/1988. Calvin Trillin, “Stranger in Town,” 2/1/1988. E.J. Kahn Jr., “Hand to Hand,” 2/8/1988. George W.S. Trow Jr., “Subway Story,” 2/22/1988. Dan Hofstadter, “Omnivores, 4/25/1988. Gwen Kinkead, “An Overgrown Jack,” 7/18/1988.

Robert Shaplen, “The Long River,” 8/8/1988. Joan Didion, “Letter from Los Angeles,” 9/5/1988. Berton Rouech?, “The Foulest and Nastiest Creatures that Be,” 9/12/1988. Jane Kramer, “Letter from Europe: West Berlin,” 11/28/1988. Frances FitzGerald, “Memoirs of the essay Reagan Era,” 1/16/1989. Robert Heilbroner, “The Triumph of Capitalism,” 1/23/1989. Calvin Trillin, “Abigail y Yo,” 6/26/1989. Roger Angell, “No, But I Saw the Game,” 7/31/1989. Sue Hubbell, “The Vicksburg Ghost,” 9/25/1989. Cynthia Ozick, “T.S. Eliot at improve speed 101,” 11/20/1989.

1990 (Joyce Carol Oates, editor) Joan Didion, “Letter from hellen Los Angeles,” 2/26/1990. John McPhee, “Travels of the Rock,” 2/26/1990. Michael J. Arlen, “Invisible People,” 4/16/1990. Ian Frazier, “Canal Street,” 4/30/1990. Terrence Rafferty, “The Essence of should a 10000 word essay Landscape,” 6/25/1990. George W. S. Trow, “Devastation,” 10/22/1990.

Calvin Trillin, “The Italian Thing,” 11/19/1990. Jane Kramer, “Letter from Europe,” 1/14/1991. Muriel Spark, “The School of the Links,” 3/25/1991. Roger Angell, “Homeric Tales,” 5/27/1991. Susan Orlean, “Living Large,” 6/17/1991. Roger Angell, “Early Innings,” 2/24/1992. Alastair Reid, “Waiting for Columbus,” 2/24/1992. Oliver Sacks, “A Surgeon’s Life,” 3/16/1992.

Cynthia Ozick, “Alfred Chester’s Wig,” 3/30/1992. David Owen, “One-Ring Mud Show,” 4/20/1992. David Rieff, “Original Virtue, Original Sin,” 11/23/1992. Calvin Trillin, “The First Family of Astoria,” 2/8/1993. A. Alvarez, “The Dark at the Top of the Stairs,” 3/8/1993. Jamaica Kincaid, “Alien Soil,” 6/21/1993. Harold Brodkey, “To My Readers,” 6/21/1993. John McPhee, “Duty of Care,” 6/28/1993.

Edward Conlon, “To the Potter’s Field,” 7/19/1993. Joan Didion, “Trouble in essay, Lakewood,” 7/26/1993. Adam Gopnik, “Death in Venice,” 8/2/1993. Ted Conover, “Trucking Through the AIDS Belt,” 8/16/1993. David Denby, “Does Homer Have Legs?” 9/6/1993. Ian Frazier, “The Frankest Interview Yet,” 9/27/1993. Alec Wilkinson, “The Confession,” 10/4/1993. F. Improve Writing Speed. Gonzalez-Crussi, “Days of the hellen Dead,” 11/1/1993. Cynthia Ozick, “Rushdie in essay on culture, the Louvre,” 12/13/1993. John McPhee, “Irons in keller essay, the Fire,” 12/20/1993.

Linda H. Davis, “The Man on the Swing,” 12/27/1993. 1994 (Jamaica Kincaid, editor) Harold Brodkey, “Dying: An Update,” 2/7/1994. Louis Menand, “The War of All Against All,” 3/14/1994. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., “In the mellon/acls completion fellowship Kitchen,” 4/18/1994.

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Garry Wills, “John Wayne’s Body,” 8/19/1996. Vivian Gornick, “On the Street,” 9/9/1996. Richard Ford, “In the Face,” 9/16/1996. Cynthia Ozick, “A Drugstore Eden,” 9/16/1996. Hilton Als, “Notes on should it take to write a 10000 word, My Mother,” 11/18/1996. James Atlas, “Making the hellen keller Grade,” 4/14/1997. Adam Gopnik, “Appointment with a Dinosaur,” 4/21/1997. John McPhee, “Silk Parachute,” 5/12/1997. Alison Rose, “Tales of a Beauty,” 5/26/1997.

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Atul Gawande, “Final Cut,” 3/19/2001. Susan Sontag, “Where the improve essay writing speed Stress Falls,” 6/18/2001. Eric Konigsberg, “Blood Relation,” 8/6/2001. David Samuels, “The Runner,” 9/3/2001. Jonathan Franzen, “My Father’s Brain,” 9/10/2001. Adam Gopnik, “The City and hellen keller essay the Pillars,” 9/24/2001. Atul Gawande, “The Learning Curve,” 1/28/2002. Alice Munro, “Lying Under the we control global Apple Tree,” 6/17/2002. Donald Antrim, “I Bought a Bed,” 6/17/2002. Katha Pollitt, “Learning to Drive,” 7/22/2002. Jane Kramer, “The Reporter’s Kitchen,” 8/19/2002.

Adam Gopnik, “Bumping Into Mr. Keller Essay. Ravioli,” 9/30/2002. Oliver Sacks, “The Case of Anna H., ” 10/7/2002. Jerome Groopman, “Dying Words,” 10/28/2002. Gay Talese, “On the mellon/acls Bridge,” 12/2/2002. Ian Frazier, “Researchers Say,” 12/9/2002. Roger Angell, “Romance,” 5/26/2003. Susan Orlean, “Lifelike,” 6/9/2003.

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Ian Frazier, “Out of Ohio,” 1/10/2005. Oscar Hijuelos, “Lunch at hellen keller the Biltmore,” 1/17/2005. Jonathan Lethem, “The Beards,” 2/28/2005. Jonathan Franzen, “The Retreat,” 6/6/2005. Edmund White, “My Women,” 6/13/2005. Adam Gopnik, “Death of a Fish,” 7/4/2005. Oliver Sacks, “Recalled to dissertation completion, Life,” 10/31/2005. 2006 (David Foster Wallace, editor) Calvin Trillin, “Alice, Off the hellen keller Page,” 3/27/2006. Daniel Raeburn, “Vessels,” 5/1/2006. John Lahr, “Petrified,” 8/28/2006.

Richard Preston, “Tall for we control, Its Age,” 10/9/2006. David Sedaris, “Road Trips,” 11/27/2006. Many, many thanks to Benjamin Chambers of The King’s English for fully nine of the years listed here. It made all the difference. I would add to this great, cornucopic list two personal favorites: Arthur Lubow’s “This Vodka Has Legs” (September 12, 1994) and Verlyn Klinkenborg’s “George Eddie’s” (December 24, 1990). Thanks for hellen keller, the reading list. Completion Fellowship. (Like I need another one!) Should be a fun way to hellen essay, noodle through my Complete NYer. How Can. Still, I’ve been a bit disappointed by the two essays I began with; since they were both from 1985, I’m wondering if fashions in hellen keller essay, essay-writing have anything to do with it. I’m a fan of Ian Frazier, so I started right off with his “Bear News.” Even though it had a few things I liked, it simply tailed off as if Frazier had run out of planning english steam. Keller Essay. I’m also a fan of mellon/acls dissertation Trillin’s light work, but I’ve never read his reporting.

My hopes for hellen, “Right-of-Way,” however, were unrealized. Mellon/acls Dissertation. Although necessarily open-ended since it was about truly bad neighbors who were still neighbors, it also felt flat. Essay. Perhaps that says more about the kinds of how can essay essays I’ve come to essay, like - or my overriding predilection for writing, fiction, which can be more easily shaped - but I’ll be interested to keller essay, see if I notice changes as I read through the decades. Hi Benjamin, thanks for the thoughtful comment. It’s certainly possible that e.g. the Internet has radically altered our expectations for essay, the written word. Also stuff that’s like 10-20 years old is awkward, if it’s older it’s got that veneer of another time; something from 1985 is keller, close enough to us that it’s just going to feel like an affront. I dipped into some of the 1998 selections and came away feeling either “That was fine, I guess” or “Darn good!” Here’s to it take to write a 10000, your ratio improving!

Thanks for keller, the suggestion - I won’t pretend I’ll get to mellon/acls completion, it quickly, but I’ll file it away. I won’t blame my troubles with these essays on the Internet, however; my aesthetic predates the keller Internet sufficiently that I haven’t been particularly ruffled by essay writing speed, or influenced by what I see or publish there. Essay. I still expect work to be cohesive, where every part of how can we control global essay it — voice, theme, structure — serves its argument or subject. I’m mystified by the popularity of rants (which never bear re-reading), the I’ve-been-there-so-my-experience-is-worth-reading-about school, and the idea that cleverness is keller essay, deemed to be sufficient unto the day (though I admit it’s sometimes enough). None of these ills plague the we control global warming essay essays I mentioned, either; those two simply lack a sense of keller completion, of narrative drive. Essay On Culture. And as I say, my expectation that they should deliver this might have more to hellen, do with what fiction reliably gives me than any actual fault of theirs. I’ll check back in after I’ve read more from on culture this list.

Hello! I’m Emily Gordon, an keller essay editor, critic, copywriter, and pre-web internet nut. Emdashes, born in 2004, spent many years as a New Yorker fan blog. We Control Global Essay. The project garnered some nice compliments and press. The blog’s now treading the territories of punctuation, publications, movies, design, and other things that stir me. Over the years, I’ve worked with a brilliant brigade of culture writers, editors, and artists. Hellen Keller Essay. You can read all about the people who've helped build Emdashes here at “Who We?” (That’s a New Yorker joke. Old habits die hard.) I welcome submissions, questions, corrections, and we control essay ardent, obsessive contributors.

I also host occasional book-related contests and giveaways. Questioners and publishers, just email me. Looking for essay, The New Yorker magazine or Kudos on your classy taste. Here’s how to find and dr essay lincoln nebraska contact The New Yorker . Dashes, some say, “are particularly useful in a sentence that is long and hellen keller complex.” Emdasheslike the em dash itselfprovides a thoughtful pause amid the hubbub.

Unsigned posts are by me; other columnists and dr essay lincoln contributors include Martin Schneider, Pollux, Jonathan Taylor, and Benjamin Chambers, plus various guest stars. The site was designed by hellen, House of how long it take Pretty with illustrations by Jesse R. Hellen Essay. Ewing. Additional drawings are by nebraska, Carolita Johnson and Pollux (author of essay Emdashes webcomic “The Wavy Rule”). Jennifer Hadley designed the original Emdashes pencil logo, based on a 1943 Dorothy Gray ad. Liveblogging: the essay 2013 Street Fight Summit, a conference on hellen keller, hyperlocal business Reviews: as a theater critic at lincoln nebraska Time Out Chicago Profile: Valerie Casey, Designers Accord founder, is hellen keller essay, spearheading the should to write design of sustainability (for SXSW World ) Feature: Rea Irvin: visionary art director, bon vivant, New Yorker founding father (for Print ) At the scene: a festive downpour at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade; celebrating the keller lindy-hop legend Frankie Manning (for Feature: Muslim immigration iconography in the Netherlands, and an interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali (for Print ) Inquiry: Does a New Republic redesign mean a change of tune? (for Print ) Interview: James Surowiecki on what's next for the wisdom of crowds (for Assignment Zero) Profiles: rising designers under 30 (for Print ) The Beautiful Sentence and how long to write word essay Obscure Controversies (Emily’s distractions) Box Office Boffo (Martin Schneider on movies) World of hellen essay Pollux (artist Paul Morris) Jonathan Taylor (scholar and and heritage critic) Carolita Johnson (cartoonist and rabble-rouser) My 2004-era blogroll (still current-ish!)

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